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Real Time Diesel Genset Monitoring

Monitor Health, Fuel Consumtion and Efficiencyin real time

Real time monitoring of diesel genset helps a lot in monitoring of genset health, fuel consumption and efficiency. Monitoring parameters are as following:

  • Real time Diesel Quantity Monitoring in Liters
  • Diesel refueling (Dispensing Tank to DG Tank refueling monitoring)
  • Diesel quantity lost, pilferage reporting ( very useful for remote location monitoring )
  • Key DG health parameters e.g.: Engine coil temperature, oil pressure etc.
  • Electrical Energy Monitoring- Voltage, Current, PF, Frequency,  KWH, KW, KVA MD and KVAH
  • Monitoring of DG Efficiency (Watt / liter)
  • Monitoring the health of Diesel Generator set
  • Integration of DG Set Controller to get more insight to DG health

Based on the data gathered, we provide real time notification / alerts for refueling, maintenance, preventive maintenance. Our historical data and analytics helps with efficiency improvement, optimization and benchmarking.

Benefits of monitoring system

  • Prevention of diesel loss, infringement and effective refueling management
  • Optimized maintenance cost
  • Prevention of breakdown
  • Easy access of data for electrical audit process
  • ‘Quality of Power’ monitoring
  • Improvement in service reliability due to effective preventative plans
  • Efficiency tuning of systems
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Dairy milk collection automation

This solution of Chipmonk has been pioneer in the way milk is collected from collection centers for the dairy industry. The current process of collection is error prone due to limited automation and manual methods. The dairy solution of Chipmonk brings down the collection loss of dairy by at least 50%.

Secondly, real-time inventory of the milk across collections centers is visible to dairy. This solution comes with self-cleaning SS316 grade composite steel structure and report generation software and OLLO. Dairy can reap in many benefits out of this solution.


  • Real-time inventory of milk across all collections centers
  • Full transparency, Pilferage proof
  • Automated daily / shift reports of collection centers
  • Automated daily / shift reports of farmers
  • Can be integrated with farmers payment mechanism
  • Reduce the unaccounted losses of collections significantly
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