IOT products

Patented IOT products with commitment to transform the way one works and lives
Chipmonk has developed and patented IOT products with commitment to transform the way one works and lives. Some of the products are as following:


OLLO is a wireless machine to machine remote data acquisition terminal / IOT device which works on dual band 2G GSM / GPRS.
  • Easy to install and configure
  • Can be connected to large no of sensors
  • Works as a master device to probe data from various sensors simultaneously
  • 32 Mbits flash storage & IP51 class packaging
  • Rugged and Compact design


A cloud based PaaS solution for IOT
  • Fully intgerated with OLLO™
  • Easily configurable notification/Alerts/Threshold checks
  • Analytics Capability & easy custom reports
  • Easy Integration with external analytics platform
  • Decision making capability
  • Efficiency optimization modelling
  • Highly scalable and big data capability


Marcopolo is IEC 62053-21 standard compliant electricity metering equipment for static meters of active energy (class 1 and 2). With combined features of OLLO, it is an extraordinary application for residential / commercial complex for monitoring, metering and billing for various distribution areas including common areas.
  • Operating temperature: -10⁰ C to 50⁰ C
  • Class 1 accuracy
  • IP 51 packaging for protection against dust and water
  • Class 2 insulation
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