Industrial Energy Monitoring

(VEGA System)
Chipmonk offers remote real-time electrical energy monitoring solution namely OLLOTM. The electrical energy consumption monitoring in any industry is a first step towards energy optimization. OLLOTM can capture and present real time parameters like Voltage, Current, PF, Frequency, Energy Consumed KWH, KW, KVA MD and KVAH on Cloud. This solution is ideal for energy consumption monitoring. Reporting and monitoring is done cloud-based User Interface presenting statistical and graphical data.

OLLOTM solution comprises of

  • OLLOTM Hardware with Embedded Software
  • Cloud based Data Management
  • User Interface

Vega System salient features

  • An IOT based state-of-the-art System
  • Industry 4.0 ready
  • Supports domain specific Charts & Graphs
  • Alerts on Anomalies, Thresholds
  • Helps Optimize the Energy Load
  • Solution deployed/running in field for 2 yrs
  • Highly Scalable System
  • Periodic customized Reporting
Installing OLLOTM in industrial environment is simple and cloud based data management feature offers high scalability and reliability at low cost. OLLOTM solution provides the detailed energy consumption reports.

Few of the benefits of deploying the OLLOTM solution

  • Effective load management
  • Optimization in operational cost incurred in manual system
  • Detecting the electrical energy loss at any site
  • Ease to access data for electrical audit process
  • ‘Quality of Power’ Monitoring
  • Improvement in service reliability due to effective preventative plans
  • Effectively manage its Demand
  • Avoid outages and critical peak power demands
  • Avoid buying expensive power and increase the bottom line
  • Audit efforts made easy
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