IOT Engineering Services

Chipmonk provides expert services towards your complete IOT enablement journey.

We provide services in the below areas:

  • Defining your IOT enablement roadmap.
  • Designing, developing and deploying your IOT applications (web app, android, ios, others).
  • Creating a custom IOT platform or providing platform as PaaS.
  • Designing the IOT devices (hardware design).
  • Embedded software for the IOT devices.
  • Embedding machine intelligence into your solutions.

Smart Things – R&D services

There is a compelling need for the installed electrical appliances to be connected, controlled and managed. These needs are now well known and understood by the industry and world at large, however below is a quick capture of the same:


By far the biggest driver for Technology integration in Consumer Electrical / Electronic devices is the Ease of use.  Some of the features are:

  • Device/component or the Equipment available for operation at the finger tip.
  • Ability to control and monitor remotely - makes it more efficient for cities/municipalities, enterprises and homes to save on energy bills.
  • Any failures are known quickly
  • Omnipresent use of Smartphones and applications on it has further fuelled these needs.


Energy Efficiency

Green initiative is the need of the hour.

  • About 15-30% energy savings can be achieved by better monitoring and real time control of the energy usage.

Reduction of TCO

  • There is a need to monitor the energy utilization, efficiency of electrical appliances and its various aspects e.g. power factor.
  • Maintenance of electrical appliances is better done based on CBM (Condition based maintenance)

Remote monitoring for ease of Maintenance

  • Utilities companies are looking at this ability to deploy at a lower cost which IOT can provide.
  • Deployment of SCADA systems to cover all geographies in developing economies is forbidden by upfront CAPEX cost. M2M/IOT solutions are very good alternative.

IOT Apps

Chipmonk is at the forefront at developing IOT applications which are imparting Smart Things an edge with excellent usability and intelligence.

We develop an intuitive UX / UI combined with technology that adapts with the user behavior. We have expertise on ios, android and windows app development.

We help you define requirements, carry on with UI design, app software design, implementation and deployment. We also have good expertise with automated testing framework on the apps.

IOT Platform Architecture

Chipmonk has developed state of art Architecture IOT platform. It needs to be noted that the below proposed architecture(tentative , subject to review and updates with evolving technologies and alternatives) which Chipmonk will provide its services to help build the platform and solutions needed around it.

For devices with BLE connectivity:

  • CSR APIs with various models (Power, Light, Actuator etc.) are used for interaction.
  • App pushes operational data on platform.

For devices with WiFi connectivity:

  • The device registers itself to our IOT Platform.
  • Apps can issue commands to the devices (https), it is sent to our IOT Platform.
    • Our IOT platform then translates the command and sends it to the device.
  • Devices can push operational data to our IOT Platform.
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