IOT Staging Labs

Eco-System to simulate your IOT expirements

Launching IOT solutions in real world needs significant preparation as it is a complex ecosystem. There are hardware device/appliances, gateways, applications and cloud, all coming together as one Solution. Additionally, in the real world, the situation isn’t the same as we encounter during the development of these solutions which is a protected environment.

Below is a simplified depiction of the ecosystem:

One thing that strikes us immediately is the sheer number of known and unknown devices that could be there in the field, the number of user sessions, hostile environments like poor Data connectivity, unwanted traffic on the cloud etc. These situations need to be simulated in a “Staging Lab” before qualifying the solutions.

Our Staging labs provide end to end testing solutions as below

  • Real appliances/devices
  • Apps/Applications running on variants of Mobile/Tablets/PCs
  • Simulated Devices
  • Simulated Application session
  • Duplicated Cloud environment
  • Real and Simulated User session
  • Simulation of Disruptions and Planned attacks
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