Connected hardware

Chipmonk is an end-to-end Internet Of Things solutions company with its own IOT platform and comprehensive value-driven solution engineering capabilities.
  • System Design
    Hardware Software Partitioning, Micro Architecture, Interfaces
    RTL to GDS II Flow, Floor Planning, Power planning, Clock Tree, IO Planning, Synthesis and Timing Closure, FPGA Design/Prototyping, ECO/Metal Fix, Bonding Diagram, Chip finishing, DRC/LVS/ERC Verification, Fab interaction, Mask Generation, Thermal Analysis
  • Tools
    Cadence Flow, Synopsys Flow
  • Languages
    VerilogHDL, System Verilog, System C, VHDL
  • Key Projects
    IrDA (FIR, VFIR), MP3 Decode, MP3 Pro , JPEG, JPEG-XR
  • Technologies
    Digital Flow 25nm, 18nm, 14 nm
  • Verification
    System Verilog, Specman, Vera
  • Board Design
    Architecture, Interfacing, Schematics, Layout, DRC/DFM, Manufacturing, Board bringup, Enclosure design, System Test and Certification
  • Embedded SW
    VxWorks, RT-Linux,C, Device drivers/API Interface, Task Optimization, Code Optimization, Timing Closure
  • Domains
    Wired and Wireless communications, Video and Image Processing, Data Acquisition,
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